Hello, from your SAVHS class of "67" Reunion Committee.


At our 35th reunion last year a new reunion committee was elected and the old one retired.  Several classmates at this reunion stated they almost did not come because it had been so many years since they had been in contact with anyone, and were afraid they would feel out of place. I must admit I felt the same way, as this was the first of our reunions that I attended. I must also be honest and say I had a GREAT time. Wow how we have all gone through this adventure of life, one of our classmates a neurosurgeon was on the first successful liver transplant on the west cost, one was a Sheriff, another ran a video production business, a resort owner, schoolteacher, etc. After the reunion ended, about 25 classmates got together, went to Disneyland, and had a wonderful time.  They all agreed to get together every year in the future, because of this… sprang the idea of doing annual reunions. 


The Class of 68 has been having annual get togethers or reunions for the last several years and this has turned out to be successful for them.  We have been in contact with some of there reunion committee members and there is a possibility that in the next year or two we will do a joint reunion with them. 


We now have a CLASS WEB SITE located at http://www.savhs.org . Please register online and we will send you a password to our classmate only section. From there you can contact any of the 300 plus classmates we have info on FREE. Security to protect your privacy is built in; visit the class web site for more info. We are looking for more information to put online about our class. If you have any copies of our school newspaper for the year of 66-67 [we have at least one article per issue for the years of 64-65 and 65-66 online], any old pictures from around campus, etc that you would be willing to loan us for a short time, please contact us. Ever feel Nostalgic? Visit our class web site for a trip down memory lane... 


Via our class web site we have taken a poll about having annual reunion's or get togethers. Although we only have 50 classmates currently listed with an email address, the voting turned out that the majority of people thought it was a good idea to have them even if they could not attend every year. There have so far only been four votes that every 5 years is more than enough.


Classmates that we have email addresses in the class database will not receive copies of this letter via the postal system.  They will receive copies of this letter via their email address.  Once again, we encourage you to register online if you have an email address to help us cut costs. 


We have contact information on 302 classmates currently a bit less than half our class. If you have stayed in contact with any classmates PLEASE tell them about this upcoming 36th reunion and our class web site.  www.classmates.com had about 150 classmates listed but only about 50 read the letter I sent them about our class web site. Thus, about 100 or better of you have or have had an email address that is currently invalid on that service. We understand that email addresses can change often, thus we have an easy way for you to keep your information current via the classmate registration form. Since we have our own class web site we are trying NOT to use www.classmates.com due to there extreme limitations and FEES.


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