OUR 36th Reunion plans are as follows.... There is one requirement for attendance you MUST EXPECT to have a GOOD TIME!


Look at this event as old friends getting together and making new memories.


ON Friday Night, AUGUST 22 2003 we will meet at the bar in the Crown Plaza at 5:00 PM until we all get hungry and want to go out to eat or get bored. Friday night is 100% free less of course what you spend on drinks.


ON Saturday Morning, AUGUST 23 at 10:00 AM, we are going to meet at the entrance to Disneyland by the ticket booth and Mickey Mouse, for a group picture and then proceed in for some FUN!If you miss us, to begin with we are all going to meet at 12:45 at the entrance to Adventure Land. Your Cost HERE is your admission. Depending on evening attendance, we might supply hats or T-shirts so we can tell us apart from others as we travel though fantasyland together.


On Saturday Evening, August 23 at 7PM, we are going to meet for dinner and festivities. We have not made plans at any facility as of yet as we need a better understanding of possible attendance. Memory book is included; it will be mailed to you after the reunion.


Reserve early and save $ J


Send payments to:†† Anna Villarreal ,



Your Registration Form Will Be Printed As You

Have Completed it for the Memory Book


$60 Per 1st Person & $30 Per Guest,Prior to May 1st

$70 Per 1st Person & $35 Per Guest,Prior to Aug 1st

$90 Per 1st Person & $45 Per Guest,After August 1st


After this mailing to over 300 classmates, your reunion committee is now broke. We where given 116 dollars from the old reunion committee to carry on. Hardly, enough to do a 40th reunion.Thus, a portion of the dinner funds will go to the reunion committee so we can do future mailings and build some funds for future events.We know doing annual reunions is not for everyone every year... but even doing reunions every 5 years classmates have conflicts of interest.One other major advantage of having annual reunions is it keeps our records current so that we can continue to keep you updated on upcoming events, which keeps the door open to renew old friendships. Of course, if we have very low attendance for this reunion it will probably be our last due to lack of funds. (WE DONíT EXPECT THIS TO HAPPEN)



Please complete the NEXT 2 Forms and return them to us regardless if you plan to attend this event or not.By sending these forms back, we can confirm we have current information on you and most important get your opinion on upcoming events.


We hope to see you at this get together, Your Reunion Committee;


Anna Villarreal
Sharen Petrie Trudeau
Shirley Petrie Stewart
Connie Banales Weber
Cathy Eicher


Linda Wyckoff
Sandy Griswold Clancey
Sumi Sakioka
Larry Aveling
Susan Yaffee

Ken Carpenter



Stephanie Matney Walker

Liz Richards Simpson


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