Limited Edition Public Version of our class newspaper the Falcon. Enhanced Version - includes some of our "Senior Year" available from the "Classmates Only" section of this web site.
  Santa Ana Valley High School Class of 67 Falcon Newspaper

Valley days become memory

    Where is our Class Editor?
Oh well this is more or less a strole down memory lane anyway... Please consider this section of our class web site "UNDER CONSTRUCTION" Thanks to Linda Patterson I have been given about 34 copies of our school newspaper for the school years of 64-65 and 65-66.
   I hope someone has copies of the 66-67 school year so I can complete this section one day.
   When you click the links below a new browser window will open with a large enough scan of the "Falcon" for you to easily read the original articles.

Wednesday, September 23, 1964    Our 1st Day   GIRLS HOLD

Wednesday, October 7, 1964    WE SING   Weird Prints

Wednesday, October 21, 1964    POINTS TO PONDER   Sports Ramblings

Wednesday, November 4, 1964    10th Graders    The Queen    Falcons Eye Title

Wednesday, November 25, 1964    Famous Trinity Dies;

Wednesday, December 9, 1964    Annual Production

Wednesday, January 13, 1965    UP IT GOES

Wednesday, January 27, 1965    Girls Get Awards;

Wednesday, Feburary 10, 1965    Posters Pave Way

Wednesday, Feburary 24, 1965    GAA Particiants   Sifting Sands

Wednesday, March 10, 1965    Irish Celebration

Wednesday, March 24, 1965    'Judges Select 65 Pep Squad'

Wednesday, April 7, 1965    Holiday Sparks

Wednesday, April 28, 1965    Sophomore Speakers

Wednesday, May 12, 1965    Course Saves Students $600

Wednesday, May 26, 1965    Underclasses Vote;

Wednesday, June 6, 1965    Falcon Forum

Wednesday, September 22, 1965    Enrollment nears 2400

Wednesday, October 6, 1965    R-R-R-Rip!   NO School   Victory for Valley

Wednesday, October 20, 1965    Albert's here,    Happiness is

Wednesday, November 3, 1965    Falcons achieve high merit

Wednesday, November 17, 1965    Cheap quarters make debut

Wednesday, December 1,1965     Honors by talking   Snow Ball   League crown

Wednesday, December 15, 1965    Leadership    Basketball season has arrived,

Wednesday, January 12, 1966    SPEAKING OUT

Wednesday, February 9, 1966    Pool construction begins

Wednesday, February 23, 1966    What's this?

Wednesday, March 23, 1966    spirit hoax'

Wednesday, April 13, 1966    yell leaders elected    No mid-term graduation

Wednesday, April 27, 1966    Juniors earn state status   the DRAFT

Wednesday, May 11, 1966    run off

Wednesday, May 25, 1966    Evening of Enchantmant

Wednesday, June 8, 1966    Falcon Forum


Our 40th class reunion will be in August 2007 someplace in Southern California.